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Americanime Stamp by Dragara Americanime Stamp by Dragara
EDIT: I have disabled comments because I am getting REALLY tired of people nitpicking this stamp.

Americanime = Anime-Styled American Cartoons. I realize that Americanime is not "true" anime.

Invader Zim was INSPIRED by anime, from what I read. And I needed another show that I know and like.

I'm terribly sorry if I sound bitchy about this, but I'm just really tired of having to explain this over and over again.


I was bored. So I made this. I never checked to see if there was one, but I don't care. I made one, so there. (LOL I'm a poet and I didn't know it XD)

ANYWAY, for those of you wondering what Americanime is, it's what it sounds like: "American Anime". Some of them are more obvious like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Titans, and Ben 10. Samurai Jack is a bit harder to recognize (at least to me) and I wasn't sure about Invader Zim. I got it from a list of "Animesque" shows on, which listed Invader Zim as at least being anime-influenced.

There were a few other shows such as My Life as a Teenage Robot, Transformers Animated, The Boondocks, and oddly enough, Powerpuff Girls and some Care Bares thing. :O I decided against those because I'm really not a huge fan of those. Actually, I'm not really a fan of Samurai Jack either, but... Oh well. There were also shows that I knew and liked such as Code Lyoko (It's French just in case you don't know), but the stamp is about Americanime.

Feel free to use this if you want. A comment, or at least a fave would be appreciated though. :>

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June 13, 2010
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